Ideas to decorate bachelorette Pad

And Girls, This Is How You Jazz Up Your Bachelorette Pad!

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So I’m like the most *NON GIRLY* girl ever, minus the Love for Makeup part. There’s this one other thing that I would like to do in a super duper girly way. And that is Decking up my Bachelorette Pad (if I ever get one). All those pinterest home décor images have me drooling over quirky baubles. In my head, I’ve already been doing my little girl nest  for a while now (CRAZZY ALERT!). When I think of a color theme for my place, all I see is Gray & Gold and a little bit of glitter all over.  I would want my bachelorette pad to be unconventionally unique. It should have eccentricity written all over it. I’m no interior decorator or designer and so this post is no expert advice on home décor and people can have different opinions about my choices – In my defense, I’m just a girl with dreams & vision.

There are some home décor essentials which make house a home. I have compiled these for you to give you an idea about what you should consider investing in while decorating your home.  So let me give you a sneak peek into my head about my dream home.

Posters & Wall Arts

Posters, Paintings & Wall Decals are one of the most economic way to up your décor by a notch. They give your empty walls a new life and speak your mind like nothing else. Here are a few I liked which I would like to put up in rusty golden frames on my walls:

Posters and Wall Arts


For an independent young woman, Timing is the key.  Even with mobiles all around, a clock is a must for any home. If it were my way, I would have one everywhere- bedroom, kitchen, Bathroom.

Clock for Bachelorette Pad

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

For A Girl’s gotta dress up & make up. Always remember, It’s better to arrive late, than to arrive ugly.  Pro Tip : The bigger the better

Mirrors for Bachelorette Pad

Vintage Decorative Artifacts

Since I want my home to be done in Gray & Gold, nothing better than having the decorative items around same color theme.

Vintage Artifacts

Vintage Figurines

Lights & Candles

It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness ~ Eleanor Roosevelt. I just hate dark & gloomy houses. For me, a house should be well lit. Going with the theme, here are some of my picks:

Candles and Lamps


Lights and Candles

This & That

There’s an endless list of things which can make your place look beautiful.  But its always advisable to keep your home décor minimalistic. Here are a few others that can be added to the list:

Home Decor

Home Decor

This post has been written in collaboration with the amazing people at Kraftly. Check out there entire collection of Home Decor here.   It is an e-marketplace for  ‘all things unique’. Kraftly has out unique & quirky products from craft fairs, flea markets, boutiques, exhibitions and regional local markets.  For mobile shoppers, they have apps too.

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I would love to do a similar post on Home Furniture? Please let me know if you would love to read that.

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